Thursday, July 24, 2014

70.3 Muncie

This was such a fun race!! It is hard to capture it all, but I will do my best. I chose this race because I knew that I did not want to have my first racing experience with a new nutrition plan be the World Championship setup. It also was conveniently enroute Houston from Michigan where I had spent a week with my family.

My mom and I drove down and I opted not to broadcast it as it wasn't really meant to be anything spectacular. Though anytime I hint at doing a mediocre race is usually a good sign that I will do my absolute best that day. The swim was wetsuit legal and as per my usual I came out well behind others despite the time I've been putting into the swim. But a 37 min is not a bad time for me!

My transition was a little slow as I struggled to get the wetsuit off, but the bike was fantastic. I focused solely on power and never had my time visible. I worked on negative splitting so I could hammer it hard on the second loop. I held back and knew I could have pushed harder, but I let myself become a slave to the power. The temps were just right for the bike and the roads were fairly smooth for the Midwest. I posted a 2:29 split which was my fastest yet and only 8 min off the number 1 women's pro.

I only took in UCAN prior to the race and during, not even consuming 20 ounces on the bike. Leading to the run, I felt super strong, but chose to use the restroom in transition prior to the half marathon start just in case. I felt a little slow out the gate, but put down a 7 min first mile. I focused on one mile at a time and sipped water every so often at the aid stations along the rather hilly course. I was quickly passed by 2 girls in my age group posting 1:25 and 1:30 run splits so now I know what needs the most work. I was super happy with my run time though as I tied my half marathon PR of 1:35 even with using the restroom again at mile 11 as I was a bit nervous of my stomach holding out for the whole race. I crossed the line at 4:49 setting a new PR by 2 min!!! It was amazing because I had not tapered whatsoever and I was finally able to put my nutrition to the test with awesome results.

The thing I loved most about the race was that I felt stealth as I had registered so late that my bib number was wayyy back of the pack. It was so fun just doing what I love with no prerogative and zero expectations. Highly recommend this race to anyone as it even has showers for free at the race site! Now I know I'm on the right track to Kona once I adjust to my new home in Houston  #Ucan #sugoi #Nuun, Andreas Ultrabikexstudio, IRun,

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