Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving to Miami

Well it is Friday, the 27th of May in 2011…I am sitting in the airport in Rome right now.  I have meant to start documenting this summer as I did the last, but decided that it would just be better to type it instead of writing it all like I have done in the past.  This is yet another adventure, and I feel so grateful to be able to experience it.  It has been a crazy couple of months leading up to this, but more than anything the last month has been absolutely crazy.  I graduated from college and shook the President’s hand as I got my commission.  It was pretty awesome to say I got to have a one-on-one conversation with Obama.  It marked the end of my old life and the beginning of a new, much better one.  I am confident going into this new stage because I have true friends backing me up the whole way.  I have no reason to question or not trust any of them.  It is a wonderful change of pace from my final semester of college.  Two days ago, Veda and I put our downpayment on our first apartment and signed our lease.  It is so crazy that we have a place at 50 Biscayne in downtown Miami with the most exquisite view of the ocean and port.  I am so excited to move in in less than a month.  I also can’t wait to start work at sector Miami.  Life is moving so fast.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Marathon

In college, I played volleyball, basketball and track & field.  But when I got to senior year,  my basketball coach and I didn't see eye to eye so I ended up no longer playing.  Basically he kicked me off the team, and I decided that it was time to direct my attentions elsewhere.  With a brother who couldn't run due to back spasms, I found myself thinking it wasn't fair for me not to use my ability when he could not.  I started training for the Long Island marathon, not following any particular training plan, just running as far as I could and as fast as I could sustain.  I did a half marathon a couple months out and it was not easy at all, in fact come mile 10 I was convinced I would never make it to the end.  But I managed to complete it in an hour and 53 minutes. By the time the marathon came around, the furthest I had ever ran was 15 miles and I started off way too fast.  My first 4 miles were less than 7 minute pace and the next ones were all under 8 min pace.  At the half marathon, I was doing well, faster than my old half marathon.  But when I reached mile 18, I was having a rough time dealing with leg cramps so I ended up having to walk the last 8 miles.  I still finished in 4:27, but it was not the debut I had wanted.  The entire race I was craving chocolate milk, so immediately after the race I chugged that and also vowed to never EVER do a marathon again.  

Why do a marathon??

A lot of people ask me this as I continue to do these races over the last couple of years.  It isn't so much that it is a challenge, because most of it is pretty mental.  But more so it is because of the people that I meet during the events.  I am always so inspired by the stories I hear and all the amazing people pushing themselves to be better for whatever reason.  We each go through our battles in preparation and  in motivating ourselves, and our journeys are what make us unique.  But on the day of a race we are all united towards a common goal and there is no other feeling like that.  I couldn't imagine not sharing that emotion with people by no longer doing races.  It is something you can't truly understand until you go for it!